Commercials are not a new phenomenon, but the way we view them has changed over the years. Vintage commercials may be lacking in graphics, but they offer some of the catchiest and most mind infiltrating slogans that have ever been written. Many of your favorite companies and slogans have been around for years and years. Looking back on the best commercial slogans from the past helps you take a trip down memory lane. Chances are if you’ve ever heard them before, you still have them on the tip of your tongue.

Here are a few commercial from the past that will have you feeling nostalgic:

Coca-Cola- “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”

This jingle was featured in a Coca-Cola commercial in 1971 and portrayed how this soda drink has made its way around the world. The recording of this jingle was produced by the Hillside Singers. This catchy tune was so popular that it was even released as a pop song years after the commercial first appeared on television. Of all the Coca-Cola jingles over time, this might be the one that is stuck in time forever.

Oscar Meyer

Thanks to this vintage commercial from the 1960’s we all know how to spell Bologna and that it has both a first and second name. This commercial and jingle took place during the vintage jingle wars and was at the pinnacle of commercial popularity. This classic commercial is etched into popular consciousness and has been remade over the years. Chances are no matter when you were born, you have heard this jingle and know the brand Oscar Meyer. This means the jingle did its job well.

1980s Diet Pepsi Commercial

It doesn’t get any better than the “New Neighbor” Diet Pepsi ad of the 1980’s. This commercial literally had it all from a Michael J. Fox appearance in the rain to the Kenny Loggins guitar riffs playing in the background. This commercial is still one of the most famous Pepsi commercials ever created and lives on with a cameo from the least scary biker gang any neighborhood has seen.

Folgers Coffee

The gold standard for Christmas advertising was set with the 1980 Folgers classic “Peter”. This heartwarming commercial tugs at the heartstrings and shows the journey of a young man coming home from college. This commercial actually ran for more than 17 years, which is unheard of. It was even modernized in 2009 to keep the feeling alive.

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