Entertainment just isn’t the same as it used to be. Unlike much of TV programming today, classic television offered up a kinder, gentler format and often contained silly humor and some really good life lessons. Thankfully, those wonderful programs are still available for us to watch and share with future generations.

One of the most popular shows of the time was I Love Lucy and those classic episodes are still just as funny today as they were to audiences back in the day. Lucille Ball’s classic style of slapstick humor and outright silliness has never been equaled. She continues to be the queen of vintage television as evidenced by the nearly half a million videos on YouTube for the show.

Another great vintage TV show was The Ed Sullivan Show. This was a variety show that had something for everyone. From its beginnings in 1948, it featured singers, musicians, dancers, comedians, circus acts, plate spinners and even acrobats. Some of the most famous acts to appear on the show were Elvis and the Beatles. When it comes to vintage television show hosts, Ed Sullivan is certainly at the top of the list.

It’s a real treat to be able to watch these wonderful 1950’s shows anytime you want to and it’s an even bigger treat to share them. Anything that relieves the stress and pressures of the crazy world we live in is a good thing and these shows do just that.

Many people in their early twenties and thirties are discovering these vintage programs for the first time and it’s giving them a new and hopefully a better understanding of what life was like when their parents and grandparents were young.

Sit down, load up YouTube and watch an episode or two of I Love Lucy and you’ll be laughing out loud in no time at all. After that, tune into The Ed Sullivan Show and catch a performance by Elvis or the Beatles and rock the night away like it’s 1964. There’s nothing like it on modern TV and there never will be again.


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