• Stopette Spray Deodorant Commercial (1955)

    This classic commercial for Stopette "Spray" deodorant aired in 1955. It features ballet dancer Dorothy Jarnac. Stopette was a modern product for the time and was sold in a small flexible plastic squeeze bottle which was unique. The advertisemen...
  • Royal Drene Shampoo Commercial (1958)

    This classic commercial for Royal Drene Shampoo dates back to 1958. It features a carload of teenagers who arrive at Kate's house to announce that she has a date. She replies that she can't tonight as "washed her hair and it's a fright". The tee...
  • Vintage Snickers Candy Bar Commercial (1954)

    This classic Snickers Bar commercial aired in the 1950s on the Super Circus TV show on ABC. It features an animation with Little Jack Horner who loves cold Snickers Bars. The tagline for this spot is "If you like peanuts and chocolate too, then ...
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