• Howard Johnson’s Commercial (1962)

    This classic "On the Road" commercial for Howard Johnson's promotes the many good eats found there. In 1961, the chain beefed up its restaurants by hiring French chefs Jacque Pépin and Pierre Franey from the New York restaurant Le Pavillon to ...
  • Libby’s Sloppy Joes Commercial (1966)

    This classic commercial for Libby's Sloppy Joes was written by Thomas Scott Cadden and originally aired in 1966. Featuring a group of teenagers dancing in the kitchen to a groovy jingle, the commercial proclaims "Sloppy Joes are neat!". It ends ...
  • Ivory Soap Commercial (1960)

    This classic commercial for Ivory Soap aired in 1960. It features a very young girl known as "Mrs. Jones" who looks for value when buying soap. She finds "PSI" or personal size Ivory, and can buy four of these for the price of three cakes of oth...
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