• Music In My Heart- Rita Hayworth (1940)

    In this clip from the 1940 musical Music In My Heart, actress Rita Hayworth performs her only dance number. Music in My Heart starred Tony Martin, Rita Hayworth, and Edith Fellows. The movie featured the song "It's a Blue World" which was nomina...
  • I Kiss Your Hand, Madame- Bing Crosby (1948)

    In this clip from the musical The Emperor Waltz, Virgil Smith (Bing Crosby) sings "I Kiss Your Hand, Madame" to Countess Johanna Augusta Franziska (Joan Fontaine). The scene also features Roberta Jonay and Bert Prival in a fun dance number. This...
  • A Date With Judy- Movie Clip (1948)

    In this scene from the 1948 film A Date With Judy, Rosita Cochellas (Carmen Miranda) is confronted by Judy Foster (Jane Powell) and Carol Pringle (Elizabeth Taylor) who thinks she is having an affair. This movie was released on July 29, 1948 and...
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