• Summit Candy Bar Commercial (1980)

    This classic commercial features the Summit Candy Bar made by Mars in the 1980s. This candy bar featured two wafers with peanuts covered in chocolate. The jingle is "Summit. It's the taste of the times when a snack this good tastes as light as i...
  • Burger King Commercial (1986)

    This classic Burger King commercial aired in 1986 and is part of the "This is a Burger King town" advertising campaign. The tagline is "We Know How Burgers Should Be". ...
  • The Mobile Telephone (1980s)

    This short video takes a look at cell phone technology in the late 1980s. It shows the new "Phonepoint" stations which enabled people having cordless telephones at home to take them into town to use while by a Phonepoint station. ...
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